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New York Vocal Coaching Australia brings world-class voice lessons and vocal coaching to singers in Brisbane — and worldwide through virtual lessons.

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Truth in Vocal Freedom

Founded in 2017 by veteran vocal coach and voice teacher Zac Bradford, New York Vocal Coaching Australia proudly brings New York Vocal Coaching's world-class quality and experience to Australia and has quickly become one of Brisbane's top vocal studios.

A balanced and optimal vocal technique allows a singer to have increased freedom with their voice. Vocal freedom can remove barriers that often prevent truthful communication. With vocal freedom and truthful communication, singing has the potential to change the lives of both singers and listeners for the better!

Zac Bradford Director of New York Vocal Coaching Australia

New York Vocal Coaching's philosophy all begins with our core belief that humans are meant to sing. We are meant to sing for joy, for recreation, for healing, for praise, for recognition, and for the soul. There are endless reasons to “make a joyful noise” and work for that increased vocal freedom and truthful communication. We don't believe that singing is only for some of us — singing is for all of us. Read New York Vocal Coaching's Mission Statement or more about our Philosophy, or schedule your first lesson today to begin finding your vocal truth!

New York Vocal Coaching Australia Director Zac Bradford

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I really enjoyed my time with Zac Bradford. He is a skilled technician of the anatomy of the voice and is very good at helping all levels learn to sing safely and more efficiently. I would recommend Zac as a voice teacher for SURE!

Daisy Hobbs
Daisy Hobbs
Original Cast Disney's Aladdin on Broadway, Felicia Farrell Memphis 1st National Tour

Voice Lessons

At New York Vocal Coaching Australia, we specialise in giving voice lessons to singers of all levels and ages. Led by international Voice teacher Zac Bradford, we aim to give you as a singer all the tools needed to be the best singer you can be. Each lesson is tailor made for you, the singer. We work with the individual to ensure the best progress possible. We offer singing lessons for Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Classical. We currently teach a full range of clients from beginners to professional performers, and recording artists.

Even at the first lesson, voice students at NYVC Australia will establish a thorough understanding of the instrument's strengths and weaknesses, a precise plan for improvement, a clear vision for their future success.

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My wife and I are both professional ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and we both have studied with Zac. He is the best voice teacher we've ever had! He's brilliant in helping us understand the importance and power of our vocal instrument. We became much better singers. He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and the way he taught us to prepare, warm up, breathe was very efficient. We definitely recommend Zac a million times!

Junio Enrique Luizi
Ana Luiza Luizi
Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi
Ballet Dancers Metropolitan Opera, Actors Incl. Converse, Calvin Klein & Faber Castell commercials
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Zac Bradford is one of the most insightful vocal coaches I've ever worked with. His coaching technique is spot on for whatever is holding back your progress and moves past those blocks very quickly. But most importantly, he gives you hope!

Mara Sanchez
Mara Sanchez