I really enjoyed my time with Zac Bradford. He is a skilled technician of the anatomy of the voice and is very good at helping all levels learn to sing safely and more efficiently. I would recommend Zac as a voice teacher for SURE!

Daisy Hobbs

Daisy Hobbs Original Cast Disney's Aladdin on Broadway, Felicia Farrell Memphis 1st National Tour

My wife and I are both professional ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and we both have studied with Zac. He is the best voice teacher we've ever had! He's brilliant in helping us understand the importance and power of our vocal instrument. We became much better singers. He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and the way he taught us to prepare, warm up, breathe was very efficient. We definitely recommend Zac a million times!

Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi
Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi

Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi Ballet Dancers Metropolitan Opera, Actors Incl. Converse, Calvin Klein & Faber Castell commercials

Zac Bradford is one of the most insightful vocal coaches I've ever worked with. His coaching technique is spot on for whatever is holding back your progress and moves past those blocks very quickly. But most importantly, he gives you hope!

Mara Sanchez

Mara Sanchez Actress/Singer-Songwriter

I've been taking voice lessons with Zac, and the way I've used my voice has changed drastically under his tutelage.  My voice is clearer, brought more forward, and I now have a stronger mix between my head and chest voice.  I recommend him, and this studio, to anyone who wants to become a professional or wants to get closer to their true voice.

Carolina Do

Carolina Do Actor/Writer SHE, a choreoplay Off-Broadway

I usually call Zac “the chiropractor for my voice” because whenever I work with him, he gives these adjustments and then I am good to go.

Zac has a deep understanding of the physiology of the voice, and is able to offer simple and easy adjustments and exercises to get your voice in the right placement. I’ve worked on a range of styles with him including my original material and despite singing professionally for 15+ years, I always finish my lesson grateful that I have gained so much insight in such a short amount of time.

I’ve worked with other male teachers who more often than not throw their hands up and say “well I’m a man so it’s different” but Zac is not one of them. Zac is a master teacher as well as being hugely empathetic and understanding.

Would (and do) recommend him to literally anyone I talk to.

Tamara Hanson

Tamara Hanson NYC Singer/Songwriter