“I have now worked with Justin Stoney on two separate projects - one Broadway Musical and on Broadway Dramatic Play. In both instances, through his masterful and thoroughly exhilarating technique, I felt I transitioned from ‘insecure, hopeless, frustrated and strained’ to confident, free and relaxed! Justin understands not only the voice and breathing, but acting and sustainable technique.  I'm thankful I now have a Vocal Coach for life.”
Tony Shalhoub
-Tony Shalhoub
Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner
Television, Film, and Broadway Star

“I found out about NYVC after wondering: “How can I learn to sing SIMPLY?” (Yes, it is suppose to be simple!). So, I decide to come to New York from Brazil to find these guys. I thought it was too good to be true, but was thrilled to find out that they actually do EXIST! I got a lesson with Justin Stoney and also with several of the teachers on the NYVC Staff. My singing teacher from Brazil also travelled with me and we both were so happy! The major problem I notice with singing is that voice teachers don’t always connect to their students’ needs. Can they actually understand our struggles and help us? Well, at NYVC they do! And they do it fast! I cannot wait to get back!”
Rodrigo Lombardi
-Rodrigo Lombardi
Celebrity TV/Film Actor from Brazil

"I am currently a student of Zac Bradford, and having nothing but praise for the entire New York Vocal Coaching organization. The staff is incredibly friendly and sweet, everyone is very down to earth and helpful, and the instructors are some of the most knowledgeable people I ever had the pleasure of talking to. I first began taking lesson with Zac around 3 or 4 months ago, and in that relatively short amount of time, my technique improved immensely and I feel more confident in my abilities. The prices are also very reasonable. If you're looking for very high quality vocal/speech instruction with patient and passionate teachers for affordable prices, NYVC is the place to go."
Anton Kurdakov
-Anton Kurdakov
Musical Theatre Singer and Composer

"I absolutely LOVE New York Vocal Coaching! Everyone who works there is super nice, the policies (in terms of cancellations, payments, etc.) are all very reasonable, and they offer fantastic voice lessons that are affordable. I was assigned to take lessons with Zac and I've been learning from him for about 6 months. He not only has extensive knowledge on vocal techniques as well as the biology behind them, but he is a very agreeable person who clearly cares about his students. He has an infinite number of tricks up his sleeve that help me master techniques and reach notes that I was always afraid of facing before taking lessons with him. I love NYVC's sliding scale because it just shows how much they truly care about teaching and having their students succeed. I've run into Justin Stoney a few times and he is also a friendly, nice, and genuine guy, so it's no wonder all the staff members I've met are equally as awesome. If it wasn't obvious, I highly recommend taking lessons here (especially with Zac!) if you want to see an improvement in your singing & level of confidence! Thanks NYVC :)"
Yaniza Dore Voice Teacher Testimonial
- Yaniza Dore
Singer/Songwriter/Youtube Sensation with 600,000+ Views

"My daughter takes vocal lessons via Skype with Zac Bradford at New York Vocal Coaching and I must say several things - we love them. My daughter is only in 3rd grade and is rather reserved, but after 2-3 months of training with Zac, she recently had a big audition and had 2 callbacks. My daughter has a beautiful voice, but just like any tool, you need to know how to use it, and because of Zac she does. At the audition, she was fully prepared because they had practiced with accompaniment, karaoke, instrumental, and without any music. She was so confident also based on her knowing she was fully prepared. Zac is also very kind, and patient. You will not go wrong choosing NYVC for your training."
-Ty Wooten
Mother of young Contemporary Vocalist

"Would 10/10 recommend NYVCA. Zac Bradford has improved my voice out of sight in the last 12-months! He has a range of skills in vocal pedagogy to improve your sound quality, vocal technique, and general singing ability. A very friendly, professional and encouraging coach. Zac holds numerous qualifications in Music and is equipped to deal with any level of proficiency. As someone who needs their voice to sound its best, I recommend NYVCA."
Maxwell Hobday Testimonial
- Maxwell Hobday
Music Teacher/Vocalist

"I've been taking voice lessons with Zac for about a year now, and the way I've used my voice has changed drastically under his tutelage. My voice is clearer, brought more forward, and I now have a stronger mix between my head and chest voice. I recommend him, and this studio, to anyone who wants to become a professional or wants to get closer to their true voice."
Carolina Do Testimonial- Carolina Do
SHE, a choreoplay Off-Broadway

"I came to NYVC as a beginner looking for an outlet for my love of singing and I was lucky enough to be paired with Zac Bradford who is encouraging, knowledgeable, and patient. I have learned so much from Zac about the possibilities my voice has. It’s very cool to actually experience how practicing techniques can change and improve your voice and Zac has helped me choose songs to work with my vocal range and goals. Going to a lesson is a highlight of my week because Zac makes exercises fun and challenging and I always leave with plenty of homework that I look forward to. Thank you Zac! NYVC as a whole is an amazing place that offers an encouraging and friendly environment and I love their holistic mission."
- Christine O’Leary

"Zac's presentation was fascinating, engaging, and incredibly useful. The workshop he took in the afternoon was outstanding. He got really great results from his students (you would swear it was magic if he hadn't just shown you exactly how it was achieved). Highly recommend."
James Harrison Testimonial- James Harrison
Professional Actor
Attendee/Presenter at The Australian Actor Training Conference

"I approached Zac with the goal of auditioning for a Bachelor of Music as a vocalist. I brought the requirements of the audition and the assigned tunes to him and told him of my plans to audition and we started work right away. I noticed an improvement in my voice and my confidence by the end of the first lesson, and both improved in every lesson after that. Zac has a fun and relaxed teaching style that puts you at ease whilst also achieving an improvement in your knowledge and use of your instrument. At the time of writing I am in my second semester of a Bachelor of Music: Jazz Performance at the Jazz Music Institute in Brisbane. I couldn’t be happier with Zac’s teaching and the results of his guidance."
- Dean Johnson
Accepted as Vocal Major into Jazz Music Institute

“By my calculations, I took 220,752,000 incorrect breaths before I started to do it right. Slow learner, I know. I'd breathed the same way for forty-two years. Then... Justin Stoney gave me a lesson.”
AJ Jacobs
-AJ Jacobs
New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Year of Living Biblically” and “The Know It All”
Esquire Magazine, August 2010
Esquire Magazine

"I usually call Zac “the chiropractor for my voice” because whenever I work with him, he gives these adjustments and then I am good to go.

Zac has a deep understanding of the physiology of the voice, and is able to offer simple and easy adjustments and exercises to get your voice in the right placement. I’ve worked on a range of styles with him including my original material and despite singing professionally for 15+ years, I always finish my lesson grateful that I have gained so much insight in such a short amount of time.

I’ve worked with other male teachers who more often than not throw their hands up and say “well I’m a man so it’s different” but Zac is not one of them. Zac is a master teacher as well as being hugely empathetic and understanding.

Would (and do) recommend him to literally anyone I talk to."
Tamara Hanson Vocal Student Testimonial
-Tamara Hanson
NYC Singer Songwriter

"I’m so happy to study at New York Vocal Coaching with Mr. Zac Bradford. He has helped me to fix all my vocal habits. At first, I was singing with too much tension in my throat. I also didn't like singing in a falsetto and head voice and I couldn't do it well. However, now I feel so comfortable with head voice and falsetto and I can finally sing without any tension. He teaches in such a clear and understandable way. I appreciate Zac Bradford’s teaching so much!"
Ari Miyagawa Vocal Student Testimonial
-Ari Miyagawa
Musical Theatre Actress, Student at Marymount Manhattan College

"Zac is an amazing vocal coach! I worked with him for almost 3 years, and he really helped me better my technique and improve my overall sound. Led by the amazing Justin Stoney, the team has helped me perfect my vocal technique, develop my artistic style, and produce professional studio recordings. They are highly professional and masters of their crafts! No matter your level of musical proficiency, I recommend NYVC to achieve your musical goals!"
Eston Miles Vocal Student Testimonial
-Eston Miles
Professional Singer

"I took lessons for a couple of months with Zac and had an amazing experience! He is the most supportive teacher I've ever had. He really tailors his lessons for your specific needs and he knows how to make even the challenging aspects really fun. I learned so much from him in a short amount of time! I highly recommend taking lessons at New York Vocal Coaching. Zac was a terrific person to learn from, and the whole staff is super friendly and available to you. And, they all really want you to succeed! A hundred stars!"
-Eva B.
Contemporary Vocalist

"I don't have enough good things to say about New York Vocal Coaching and my voice teacher! I started taking lessons about two months ago with Zac Bradford. In that time, I've seen and heard tremendous improvement in my singing. The staff and faculty are all super nice and accommodating to your needs - whether it's changing lesson times, wanting to take a lesson with a different teacher each week, or just helping to answer any of your singing questions. I'd taken singing lessons for the past two years with another teacher and had seen little improvement in my vocal technique until I started taking lessons with Zac. He immediately debunked some singing myths I held to be true, helped correct some of my singing habits, and after completing an exercise during a lesson always makes it a point to ask: “How did that feel?”. This really forced me to pay attention to my habits, technique and feeling. All in all, a great organization for any singer!"
Daniel Fernandez Singer/Songwriter/Gigging Musician Testimonial
- Daniel Fernandez
Singer/Songwriter/Gigging Musician

"Worked with Zac for 3 to 4 months. He is very easy to work with, and help you achieve your goal along the way. He has a very good academic background when it gets to explaining technical knowledge about producing voice. The coaching style, as least for me, puts emphasis on basics, such as using lots of air to support whatever you want to do next."
- CK Tsang
Beginning Singer

"I am a beginner singer, and had travelled a long distance to be coached by Justin Stoney. My finances were not good, but his lessons were important to me, and worth the journey. I will be forever grateful to Justin for having enough faith in my ability and dedication to offer me a scholarship, thereby reducing my cost, and for the confidence boost that his concessions ignited. Zac, who became my regular teacher, was amazingly patient, full of all sorts of techniques and tips for helping me to move past the psychological hang-ups and sussing out the root of my vocal issues. He is one exceptionally talented instructor! My thanks to everyone at NYVC for being so supportive, pleasant, and student-oriented in their approach. I do wish I could have remained in NYC to continue classes....but I am off to a great start, thanks to all the good lessons from Zac, and Justin's kindness."
- J.A. Morgan

“Zac is a true professional and his experience shows. He has a friendly nature and makes you feel comfortable and confident.”
- Christy Taurins

“My name is Emma and I’m 18 years old. I had the privilege of working with New York Vocal Coaching Australia to record one of my musical theatre arrangements for a university portfolio submission. This was an amazingly rewarding experience as it was not only my first time recording in a studio, but also my first time recording one of my arrangements. To put every piece of my arrangement together required a lot of time to record all the instrumental and vocal parts, which I was a little bit nervous about heading into the recording session. However, Zac made this process feel so much easier for me by encouraging me every step of the way and being extremely understanding when we had to do several takes of some trickier sections. After the time I spent in the studio, Zac continued to put time and effort into my recording to get the perfect balance of sound and harmony until we got the perfect sound.

I am so happy with the final product, so if anyone is looking into NYVCA’s recording service, I very highly recommend them and cannot wait for my next opportunity to record with them.”
Emma Venzke
- Emma Venzke
Musical Theatre Performer

"I really enjoyed my time with Zac Bradford. He is a skilled technician of the anatomy of the voice and is very good at helping all levels learn to sing safely and more efficiently. I would recommend Zac as a voice teacher for SURE!"
Daisy Hobbs Vocal Student Testimonial
-Daisy Hobbs
Disney's Aladdin on Broadway

“Justin and his colleagues are doing amazing work at New York Vocal Coaching. Performers of all levels can develop the skills they need in a truly safe, supportive, and nurturing atmosphere. From the most experienced singer to the dancer who is nervous about singing auditions, the technique that Justin teaches provides a solid foundation that really opens up the voice to express itself freely and effortlessly. I highly recommend Justin and his team to any and everyone who wants to sing and reach their full potential.”
Randy Skinner
- Randy Skinner
3-Time Tony Award Nominated Director and Choreographer
The Tony Awards

"I've been attending weekly, one hour classes with Zac Bradford for about 3 months now and have nothing but great things to say about New York Vocal Coaching and mu instructor. Coming in with absolutely no singing experience and a less-than-pleasant voice, I was extremely intimidated to begin. Zac put me at ease within a few minutes. He does a fantastic job of recognizing where you're at, providing drills to help you warm up, suggesting songs that fit your range, and offering plenty of “tools” to help along the way.

I'm honestly so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone to try this out and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. This is all due to Zac's welcoming, positive attitude every single lesson. Regardless of experience level, I encourage you to give NYVC a shot and would highly recommend choosing Zac Bradford as your instructor."
-Collin Schumacher
Beginning Singer

“Zac is a spectacular vocal coach! Cool, knowledgeable and patient, Zac does everything he can to help you reach new heights in your vocal training and journey. I’m amazed how much I've been able to grow as a vocalist and individual within a few months work ! Thanks Zac you are the best!”
- Connie Turkson

“Zac Bradford is one of the most insightful vocal coaches I've ever worked with. His coaching technique is spot on for whatever is holding back your progress and moves past those blocks very quickly. But most importantly, he gives you hope!”
Mara Sanchez
- Mara Sanchez, Actress/Singer-Songwriter

“My wife and I are both professional ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and we both have studied with Zac. He is the best voice teacher we've ever had! He's is brilliant in helping us understand the importance of our vocal instrument. We became much better singers and we also have a complete understanding of the power of our voices.He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and the way he taught us to prepare, warm up, breathe was very efficient. We definitely recommend Zac a million times!”
Junio Enrique Luizi
Ana Luiza Luizi
- Junio Enrique & Ana Luiza Luizi: Ballet dancers at the Metropolitan Opera, Actors (including Converse, Calvin Klein & Faber Castell commercials)

“My name is Ethan Beer and I’m 14 years old. Through my weekly lessons over the past 12 months with Zac Bradford I have learned many techniques that have not only built strength, tone and control, but also increased my range significantly. I feel privileged to connect with Zac and continue developing my skills. Having lessons with Zac has empowered me with confidence and skills that have taken my singing to the next level. I am now singing in Hollywood, recording and pursuing my dream in the entertainment industry. I wouldn’t be here without Zac coaching me and taking a personal interest in developing me. I recommend anybody who wants a friendly and professional singing coach to contact Zac.”
Ethan Beer Student Testimonial
- Ethan Beer
Matilda Australian National Tour, Singer/Songwriter in Hollywood

“I have been taking weekly voice lessons with Zac Bradford for over a year now. Not only has he been a fun and enjoyable to teacher to learn from, but he has also taught me more than I could have ever imagined. After one lesson I remember feeling like he had already transformed my voice. His silly seeming but special vocal exercises have allowed for my upper and lower ranges to extend substantially. Furthermore, my vocal coordination, technique and knowledge have improved tremendously since I began my lessons with Zac. I have become much more skilled and confident with my singing because of him. I recommend Zac to any singer who wants to get drastically better while having a great time. I look forward to further improving in all of my lessons to come! Thank you Zac!”
- Lilly Avram
Accepted to the University of Southern California Music Program

“Zac Bradford is an awesome person to be working with, he clearly knows his stuff.”
- Zeke

"I’ve only been taking lessons with Zac Bradford for about 2 months now, but I can already feel the positive effects! On my first day with Zac, he asked me what aspects of my voice I most wanted to improve and work on; since then, he has continued to take careful consideration to create specific exercises for my voice and training. I am so grateful to him and all of NYVC for giving me such a great place to work and learn!"
Carolina Do Testimonial- Isaak Olson
Professional Actor
US National Tour A Christmas Carol

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Justin Stoney is a Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach and the founder of New York Vocal Coaching Inc. He has been featured in national and international publications such as Esquire Magazine, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, NME, and Backstage.

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